Gorgeously Gallic beauty Nathan was an instant hit with the Eurocreme cast and crew when he first arrived on set in ArmyBoy. Rushing from the train station, he caused a big stir as his handsome face was introduced to everyone and the lucky scene co-stars couldn’t hide their smiles, especially as he stripped off into uniform, sowing his smooth toned torso and tattooed limbs, all the while his dark features gazing back at them with a knowing smile of what is about to happen! He’s a versatile young man whose beautifully formed dick and peachy pert ass get equal amounts of attention, and it’s no wonder! The horny young man has the work down to an art and loves working himself into hot ass nice and slow, moving his hips in a rhythm designed to feel the very best for both of them, it’s hard to get them to stop when the scene ends!